About Overlapping Diseases and Autoimmune Health

Hello Overcomers!

One of the most considerable challenges of autoimmune diagnosis, is that many of the
most common autoimmune diseases have a large amount of the same symptoms. The
increased difficulty of autoimmune diagnosis can make it a long and painful journey for
both doctors and patients alike, but like most things, it’s important to be patient and pay
strict attention to details about the issues that you are facing. In the next few
paragraphs, you’ll be reading information about a few overlapping diseases and
autoimmune health.


When you first see a doctor about a set of physical symptoms, they begin to utilize a
process of elimination to narrow down the chances of your sickness being certain
diseases. Unfortunately, there are a number of these diseases, with related, or similar
symptoms that can confuse the doctor and cause them to believe they’ve found
someone with the disease. In Lupus, it’s very common to see specific rashes around the
face and neck.

This occurs because Lupus exhibits some signs of connective tissue disease. To
prepare a person for their worst, (and reduce liability) they may tell the patient that they
need to run more tests to see what the problem might be. What’s most troublesome, is
that any of these diseases can affect each other. Lupus disease is potentially life-
threatening and that it can damage vital organs such as the lungs and kidneys.


When doctors begin looking into the possibility that a person may have lupus or another
autoimmune disease, one of the most common signs maybe connective tissue damage.
This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The most common of these symptoms
would be skin issues as mentioned before, but more severe symptoms may be just
around the corner. This going to specially be aggravated by diets that aren’t in line with
guidelines set forth by nutritionist and health experts who know autoimmune disease.
when irritated skin comes overly full with collagen, the network of tiny blood vessels in
your skin, as well as vital organs can lose their elasticity and become hardened.

Sjögren’s Syndrome

Having chronic dry eyes and dry mouth may not seem like an extremely serious
situation to find yourself in, but they could be clear signs of Sjögren’s Syndrome.
Generally, the syndrome doesn’t stop there in the mouth and eyes. The damage dealt
by Sjögren’s Syndrome can also go on to affect other important organs that create
essential fluids to keep various areas in the human body lubricated and clean.

These areas make up what is called your endocrine system, and it is what creates and
regulates your hormones. When hormones aren’t being produced properly, the resulting
imbalances can cause a wide range of issues that can even play a hand in facilitating
cancer growth.

To Your Health,

Ms. Tracey

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